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Monday, February 4, 2008

Discovering human nature

Most of Azer Abdulla's stories are set in human nature - relationships and in some areas clash of different characters. Some of his works discovering deep inside of the human include: The Game, Shopping and The Flower Rain which is considered one of his foremost novels. It is considered an "accurate description of the personalities", a story of great craft.


Azer Abdulla is an azerbaijani author of poetries, novels, short-stories and literary criticisms. Some of his greatest short stories include: On the Highway, Shopping, The Game and The lesson of Solfeggio. Famous novels he wrote: The Train Heading to Gamarli, Strangers.

Early life

Azer Abdulla (1940), was born in a family of collective farmer. Head of substantial farm, his father Abdulla Ahmad was a veteran of the World War II. Azer Abdulla entered the Baku State University where he studied philosophy and journalism. He published his first book, 'Bir Durna Qatarıyıq' (We are a stork train') and became a brilliant reviewer and contributor for literary journals. Only in his 30s then, he was considered one of the Azerbaijan's finest short-story writers.